Morrison’s Government measures against COVID-19 best among many developed nations


A leader’s capabilities are judged when the leader handles unpredictable successfully and confidently with minimum risk and loss.

The COVID 19 pandemic is the most challenging and testing situation for all the heads of states of all the affected countries. No one was expecting COVID 19 in the world as the last pandemic happened a hundred years ago. Life was going on as usual, and the business of the world was running as planned. The break out of the COVID 19 pandemic shook the world and governments of every country. The most advance and powerful nations like the United States and the UK could not control the most dangerous pandemic the world has ever seen.

The COVID 19 virus was first confirmed in Australia in January 2020. The spread of the COVID 19 in Australia was the real testing and the most demanding time for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his cabinet. Before COVID 19 pandemic, when Hon Scott Morrison took office as an Australian Prime Minister, he promised to the nation that he would be focusing on keeping the Australian economy more vigorous, creating more job opportunities for Australians, and bringing Australians together in unforeseen events like bushfire and rain floods in some regions. However, all his plans were ruined by the unpredicted Coronavirus pandemic in the world. Prime Minister Scott Morrison demonstrated his confidence as a leader of a nation to deal with whatever situation that may arise.

In COVID 19 terrifying pandemic, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stood up firmly, patiently, and calmly. He brought leaders of all states and stakeholders on board, formed a federal cabinet on COVID 19, and announced a courageous policy intelligently and boldly. The leadership of Scott Morrison not only provided confidence to his Government, federal ministers, and cabinet but the Government of all States and the entire Australian nation.

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, focused on controlling the Coronavirus spread to a minimum level with strategic lockdown plans with the States’ Premiers in affected territories, the shutdown of businesses that needed urgent and complete closure aiming not to spread the virus further and to save lives. At the same time, the Prime Minister provided every possible medical support to all Australians with free Covid-19 testing through Medicare. He planned to minimize the loss of economy and businesses and loss of lives.

In the last ten months or so, it was a unique challenge for the Australian federal, state, and local government to control the Coronavirus spread, lockdown the businesses, isolate affected territories, and at the same time, support Australians, especially who were impacted by the Coronavirus and who were out of jobs and lost their businesses. The Federal Government supported Australians who lost jobs through special Job seekers allowance fortnightly, job keepers’ payments fortnightly to the employers to keep their employees in the jobs, and then State-wide free COVID 19 testing on Medicare.

The majority of Australians appreciated Morrison Government’s efforts and in return shared their responsibility and followed the government instructions & measures. All the States Governments worked with the Commonwealth Government remarkably well. The Australians were updated on a daily basis with the status of COVID 19 Pandemic. Online media notification and mobile Apps on COVID 19 were additional beneficial measures.

Therefore, undoubtedly, the Australian Government has done an excellent job compared to many other developed nations in controlling COVID 19 and saving the lives of Australian people at the most. Extra monetary support to the unemployed, senior citizens, employers, and business community has worked very well; hence we have not seen any panic in public compared to in the USA, UK, and other Western & Asian developed countries. The lockdown strategies, tracking COVID 19 sufferers, and self-isolation of travelers and others worked very well. The majority of Australian followed the restrictions, procedures, and practices imposed by federal and state governments, which shows the Government’s success in handling the pandemic.

The pre-pandemic statistics regarding peoples’ response to the sense of belonging in Australia and social cohesion demonstrates the Government’s success in creating awareness and educating about Australia.

As Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, our social cohesion has given the size and diversity of our migrant intake notably. The Tribune International experienced that ethnic communities from different backgrounds worked together well helped when the nation was in need like a bushfire, flood.

It is remarkable to see how community organizations and ethnic media came forward worked shoulder to shoulder with other communities helping those impacted by COVID 19. It proves that the Government’s efforts on social cohesion and awareness of the benefits of living together as Australians.

Notably, this was a new and unique experience for new immigrants. Immigrants from non-English speaking countries must realize now and focus on learning English without delay. It makes them able to potentially access work in various industries. In this regard, government English learning schemes must be appreciated and accessed widely.

Tribune International congratulates the Morrison government for successfully dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic, and it is hoped that Australia will be cleared soon from this fatal virus, and all Australians will enjoy life as usual.