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America’s Fear is totally misdirected

"When Americans finally realize their economy is built on quicksand, that the working men and women were exploited in order to secure obscene riches for the few, and then to be discarded when the scheme collapses, then it will be too late. The government will have tightened the noose and democracy will be a thing of the past."

Michael Jackson Case Reaffirms Fatal Flaw of Prosecutors

"The jury did not find Michael Jackson innocent of child molestation charges; they found him not guilty by virtue of reasonable doubt. And there WAS reasonable doubt because the prime witnesses discredited themselves and their case self-destructed in plain view of the jury."

Rise in Global Oil’s Prices: Socio-Economic Causes and Implications

"It is estimated that the recent al-Qaeda activities inside Saudi Arabia especially ruthless attacks and merciless killings of foreigners working in the oil business have increased the geopolitical risk of a barrel of oil by something from $8-$12."



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