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Hariri’s Focus: Economy Not Hezbollah

After a nine-month deadlock, the Lebanese have a new but predictable cabinet of ministers. Rotation of leadership is rare in the Middle East. Both...

Hariri shelves his resignation: conditional good news for Lebanon

A sigh of relief in Lebanon: On November 22 Prime Minister Saad Hariri put on hold his November 4th resignation in a cabinet which...

Communicating properly

"What is even more worrisome is the apparent lack of proper decision-making mechanisms that should include a wide range of government, private and non-governmental partners, especially when it comes to issues of general public interest, and the lack of interest or understanding that decisions need to be discussed in the public arena before during and after they are made."

Municipal election fever hits West Bank

"Holding elections at this politically uncertain time is a boost for the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who seems to have survived last month's protests and will most likely survive the expected departure of the Palestinian leader....The underlying meaning of the potential success of the local elections is that economic and local issues are taking precedence over national and political issues."

On This Nakba Anniversary, Time to Focus on Palestine

"All is not lost, as many skeptical Palestinian observers of the political scene may believe. There are so many among us – the prisoners, the people in the streets every day in solidarity with them, and the refugees who continue to say the names of their original villages when asked where they are from – who still keep Palestine whole in our hearts and minds. This is our chance to overcome this ridiculous state of affairs and see our struggle for what it is: simple and pure, it is the struggle for Palestine."



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