Niger’s President Bazoum announces partial cabinet reshuffle

Niger's President Bazoum announces partial cabinet reshuffle

Niamey (UNA) – Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum on Monday announced a partial government reshuffle on the proposal of Prime Minister Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou.

Niger State Television (NSTV) reported that this first reshuffle of the government formed in April 2021 involved six posts, where Justice Minister Dr. Boubacar Hassan was replaced by Ikta Abdoulaye Mohamed, and Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform Ms. Ataka Zaharatou Aboubacar was replaced by Ms. Daoura Hadizatou Kafougou.

Minister of Equipment Hamadou Adamou Souley replaced Interior Minister Alkache Alhada, who became minister of commerce. Whilst, Moctar Gado Sabo took over the Ministry of Equipment portfolio.

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