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•A symptom of the occupation

"In other words, the reality of occupation and the need to maintain it and stop resistance to it are polarizing Israel, threatening democracy and increasing racism and discrimination....For all these reasons, and because these negative developments in Israel are part of the dynamics of occupation, friends of Israel (especially those nations, governments and organizations that have leverage over it) must try to help rescue Israeli society and democracy from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people. That occupation has become chronic, and consequently is creating symptoms inside Israel."

Libya and Palestine

"Libyans have a unique opportunity of creating the basis for a new progressive and forward-looking country that respects human rights and applies democratic values. Palestine and Libya have much in common and will certainly work together to improve their two societies....In the past decades the chances of Palestinians being liberated were equal to those of South Africans and the Irish. Now Tunisians, Egyptians and Libyans are free yet Palestine is still not free."

Spinning – (Poem)

Soon, the lamb’s wool would be all turned into thread
And she would then weave a carpet of red, gold, and indigo

Bailing out Corporations but not Pensioners is Immoral

"Bailing out pensioners would help both workers and the economy. The money that workers and their families would receive from the government would be spent on creating jobs, or at least slowing down the rising unemployment rate."

Regime Uncertainty Exemplified in the Fannie/Freddie Debacle

"For the past six months or more, the entire U.S. economy has been subject to increasing regime uncertainty, as the government has adopted, almost daily, gigantic new schemes to subsidize, bail out, prop up, take over, recapitalize, guarantee, stimulate, or otherwise interfere with formerly private enterprises, markets, and other arrangements. It seems likely that the recession’s continued worsening may be attributed in substantial part to the regime uncertainty the government’s frantic actions have created, and bid fair to continue creating. When private parties need reassurance the most, the government continues only to roil the waters."



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