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Dialogue fosters moderation

"This reconciliation agreement with Hamas is a positive development and an indication of moderation. It should be supported in order to strengthen the moderates within the movement."

Contributing to transparency

"There was a difference, however, in the public's perception of the Wikileaks and al-Jazeera documents, respectively. While Wikileaks simply presents its documents as they are, leaving to the public (among them journalists, leaders, academics and politicians) to draw different and sometimes contradictory conclusions and feeding a healthy public debate, al-Jazeera went further than that."

Media Corrections We’d Like to See

"One aspect of news media that needs a different paradigm is the correction ritual. Newspapers are sometimes willing to acknowledge faulty reporting, but the “correction box” is routinely inadequate -- the journalistic equivalent of self-flagellation for jaywalking in the course of serving as an accessory to deadly crimes."

Negroponte Tries to Cloud Intelligence Analysis on the War on Terror

"Given Bush’s Iraq invasion and his inflammatory rhetoric in the war on terror designed for domestic voters, using words such as “crusade” and “the struggle for civilization”—when combined with the Pope’s veiled attack on Islam—it’s no wonder the U.S. intelligence community has confirmed that the wildfire of radical Islamic terrorism is being intensified worldwide. It’s a shame that our governmental and religious leaders cannot behave more responsibly and make the world a safer place, instead of endangering us all by generating more hatred."

Sharon finds ally in Musharraf as Pakistan inches closer to Israel

"Five decades ago Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan visited the United States and met with the captains of American trade and industry. Back then in 1950, these industrialists promised all possible military and economic assistance in case Pakistan recognized Israel. Unlike the present dictator, Liaquat Ali Khan in his gentle tone replied: “Gentleman! Our soul is not for sale.”



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