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Thank you, Mitt Romney!

"With the Oslo peace process underway, Israel prospered, with dramatic increases in foreign investment. Meanwhile, cut off from Jerusalem, their economic hub, and denied the freedom to import raw materials or export finished products, the Palestinian economy languished - with little understanding from U.S. officials or media."

The Final Farewell

"It is cruel to withhold the body of someone’s son or daughter from their family. It is cruel to put them in a grave marked only with a number and prevent anyone from bidding them farewell. It is long overdue that these fallen Palestinians be given the proper and dignified burials they deserve. May they finally be able to rest in peace."

A radicalizing factor

"Most international agencies, especially those of the United Nations working in the occupied territories, have called upon Israel to end this blockade for both political and humanitarian reasons. The reconciliation agreement between Fateh and Hamas, which is supposed to produce a new technocrat government comprised of independent professionals affiliated with neither movement, is a golden opportunity for everybody, including Israel, to end this blockade and allow the new government to ensure the flow of products and passengers between the West Bank and Gaza, and from the occupied territories abroad."

It’s Time to Close California’s Nuclear Power Plants

"Our tax dollars should not be used to subsidize the nuclear power industry. Instead, we should be investing far more in solar, wind and other renewable sources, along with serious energy conservation....The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is a nuclear-friendly fox guarding the radioactive chicken coop. The federal government has no business promoting this dangerous industry while safe and sustainable energy resources are readily available."

Ongoing, but more complex

"While the situation in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip is very different, this regional wave hit Palestinians as well. Palestinian youth, also encouraged and inspired by the sprit and tools of the movements in Arab countries, especially Egypt, translated their anger and desire for freedom into the issue that they identified as the greatest domestic priority: the reconciliation of Palestinian factions."



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