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More Paradoxical Facts About Hezbollah / Israel

"Hezbollah cannot be driven from Lebanon, because Lebanon is the home of its members. But the U.S. can be and will ultimately be driven from Iraq."

Palestine should emulate America and Switzerland in Disramament

"Perhaps giving every Palestinian male a stake in national defense will encourage a nationalistic spirit and less factionalism and will make proper and responsible use of firearms a civic duty."

Bush in a Bottle

"I think it would be helpful, as well as a fitting political statement, for all concerned Americans who can afford the cost to send a gift bottle of Bourbon to the White House."

American Public should be worried over U.S. monitoring of Iraqis

"Iraqis may very well be experiencing now what Americans will experience within this decade, perhaps long after American troops are pulled out of Iraq."

Rise in Global Oil’s Prices: Socio-Economic Causes and Implications

"It is estimated that the recent al-Qaeda activities inside Saudi Arabia especially ruthless attacks and merciless killings of foreigners working in the oil business have increased the geopolitical risk of a barrel of oil by something from $8-$12."



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