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How to keep your permanent residence status in Canada

If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada you keep your status as a Permanent Resident until it is taken away from you in...

My Green Imagination – (Poem)

"I unsheathe my sword
Slashing frantically at the chains
Encircling the latch.
A link in the chain breaks;
The door springs open.
A flood of words pours in
And I realize that
They were there all the time
Just waiting to be captured
In the rhapsody of my essay."

And You Call me a Terrorist – (Poem)

You have weapons of mass-destruction
International Propaganda Machinery

Riding with a Drunken Driver

So often, I just feel we have a drunken driver at the wheel. So high and mighty, blindly self-assured, we are in his power and he knows it! Yes,...



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