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Remember – (Poem)

"don’t know
what runs through
someone’s veins
before that trigger
is pulled
what excuse
what idea
oxygen to enter
that motion"

Regime Uncertainty Exemplified in the Fannie/Freddie Debacle

"For the past six months or more, the entire U.S. economy has been subject to increasing regime uncertainty, as the government has adopted, almost daily, gigantic new schemes to subsidize, bail out, prop up, take over, recapitalize, guarantee, stimulate, or otherwise interfere with formerly private enterprises, markets, and other arrangements. It seems likely that the recession’s continued worsening may be attributed in substantial part to the regime uncertainty the government’s frantic actions have created, and bid fair to continue creating. When private parties need reassurance the most, the government continues only to roil the waters."

Is Israel a ‘holy cow’ for South African media?

"While there exist notable exceptions, the unfortunate truth is that unless media practitioners are able to confront this demon of selective critique, their ability to take a critical view of Israel’s destabilizing role and service of America’s imperial interests will remain questionable."

The Ugly, Distasteful Self-pitying America

"If Americans had a sense of justice and a sense of proportion, the suffering of Americans would be recognized and mourned, but not exclusively."

Deepening the conflict

"Palestinians are now concerned that with the de facto Israeli annexation of parts of the Valley, Israel is completing its unilateral policy of determining the future of the Palestinian territories. This is done in contradiction to international law and in a way that will jeopardize the potential for an independent Palestinian state to emerge."



The Man with the Uzi

Matter of the Heart

Syrian Truths

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