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Whatever you do, don’t say ‘Thank you’

"On this Eid, if they can, Palestinians should visit Jerusalem and go to the beach. Every Palestinian has a right to smell the Mediterranean from the beautiful shores of Jaffa or to walk the alleyways of the Old City. But remember, Israel does not offer permits or ease restrictions at checkpoints because they love us. It is to ease them into accepting isolation of Jerusalem as a given and have us thank them for allowing us into their malls and their beach-side restaurants."

U.S.-Russian Nuclear Agreement: Good News and Bad News

"Obama and Medvedev have undertaken to move their governments in the right direction, but they need to move them much, much farther. Nothing short of scrapping these horrible, intrinsically indiscriminating weapons entirely will suffice to eliminate their terrible threat to mankind and other living creatures."

Make No Mistake — Obama is Bush III

"He convinced millions of voters that he was different than Bush, but he is continuing fundamental Bush goals to secure foreign resources under American control.."

Our Trillion-Dollar War

"If a trillion dollars were simply given to those counted as poor by the federal government (37 million in 2005), it would amount to $27,000 per person. That’s $81,000 for a family of three, higher than the median income of all American families, and far greater than the poverty threshold of $15,577."

America’s Fear is totally misdirected

"When Americans finally realize their economy is built on quicksand, that the working men and women were exploited in order to secure obscene riches for the few, and then to be discarded when the scheme collapses, then it will be too late. The government will have tightened the noose and democracy will be a thing of the past."



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