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Prosecution of Muslims in China – World Needs Attention

The ancestry of Chinese Muslims goes back to the time of the 3rd Caliph in Islam, Usman Ibn Affan in 651 when he sent...

Pakistan’s Opportunity to Pivot to Eurasia

Nothing remains constant in life; change is inevitable. How people manage change determines whether the outcome would be positive or disastrous. This is also...

The U.N. should not remain passive in the face of human...

Kashmir is one of the most idyllic settings in the world. A picturesque valley located between Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China and with a small...

Back in Bangladesh – the face of endemic corruption

I arrived in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka last week via the Emirates Airlines. Since the death of my mother some three years ago, I have...

A Week of Horrors and Changing Perceptions

This has been a week of horrors in Palestine. On Monday, 63 mostly young Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli snipers. Another 2,700 were...



No Thank You,

A victory for Iran?

A war for war’s sake