Israel is a Terrorist Regime

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres’s recent visit to India reflects Israel’s worries over its security, particularly its fear of Pakistani nuclear weapons, whose missile range exceeds 2,500 kilometers and could reach Israel.

Israel has been trying for years to destroy these weapons or even seize them.

The U.S., too, has confirmed Israel fears of the nuclear weapons and hopes no Islamic or Arab country will develop such weapons or reach such a level of armament that threatens Israel, even if it is located far away.

For this reason Israel destroyed Iraqi nuclear weapons and is monitoring Iranian armaments.

Israel will also pressure India and try to prevent any close ties between India and Pakistan till the issue of Pakistan’s nuclear strength is solved.

However, Pakistan has repeatedly assured the world, that the nuclear weapons were made only for self-defense from India’s naked nuclear threat.

Since BJP came in power, India has concluded several military agreements with Israel. Israel is secretly transferring all defense technology to India and recently helped in production of unmanned gunship helicopters earlier possessed only by US and Israel.

The unprecedented supply of state-of-the art military equipment (like AWACS) has disturbed the balance of power in the region and playing a main factor behind India’s continued arrogance and belligerence.

Israel’s entrance in South Asia riding on India’s shoulders is a big concern to peace, security and stability of the region and is a bad omen for future of Asia.

All regional countries especially Pakistan should alarm the world of this grave issue. Otherwise like Middle East, Israel will not hesitate to play havoc with the regional peace to fulfill its hegemonic designs.