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It would be Cheaper to fight World War II Again

"Maybe it would be better if the government scrapped its present budget entirely, and provoked the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor again. Then we could fight World War II over. Yes, yes, many people would have to die, but the Pentagon could compensate these unfortunates by awarding each of them a posthumous Silver Star, and in a strictly financial sense, this plan would be much cheaper than what the government is doing now."

Resource Wars Are So Twentieth-Century — We Should Do Better

"We should be able to figure out how to live on this planet in harmony by now. We should recognize that greed is bad and selfishness is unacceptable."

Cut Losses: Leave Iraq

"The only way to let the air out of the resistance is to quickly turn Iraq back to the Iraqis and withdraw U.S. forces. The violence arises primarily as a reaction to the invasion and occupation by a foreign superpower."



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