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Self-determination: An Inescapable Principle of Kashmir Dispute

The concept of self-determination is a vexing but significant topic in the field of human rights. It is the idea of government by the...

A Challenge to the West

In 1971, my family and I spent some time in London on our way to and from Lebanon where I was going to visit...

Pakistan: How to Change Political Culture of Corruption and Rebuild the...

Towards Understanding the Current Affairs Prime Minister Imran Khan impressed the constituents to imagine the phenomenon of “change” as a driving force for future-making. Was...

Iran at 40: Time to salute steadfastness and independence

Dramatic developments currently underway in Venezuela, reveals a sinister yet bold plot by the United States of American to impose regime-change via a coup....

What’s Next for Bangladesh?

Bangladesh had her parliamentary election on December 30, 2018, in which prime minister Sheikh Hasina's ruling alliance won a third straight term winning more...




Galilee Flowers

Lynching on Exhibit

The U.S. and the World

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