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An American Suicide Terrorist

"While politicians, on both the right and left, may not be liable in a court of law for the consequences of their inflammatory words, voters must carefully consider such speech when evaluating the character and reliability of those who seek to influence their vote.   Accountability can be assessed in the polling booth, as well as in the courtroom."

Clueless at Campaign Headquarters

"What is the difference between the Democratic/Republican Party and a gang in the hood? The gang in the hood usually limits its harm to the local area. The Dem/Repub Party causes global harm."

Too Big to Fail and Too Small to Matter

"Human worth as maximized by dollars: too big to fail. Human worth as affirmed by humanistic values: too small to matter."

Our Trillion-Dollar War

"If a trillion dollars were simply given to those counted as poor by the federal government (37 million in 2005), it would amount to $27,000 per person. That’s $81,000 for a family of three, higher than the median income of all American families, and far greater than the poverty threshold of $15,577."

More Paradoxical Facts About Hezbollah / Israel

"Hezbollah cannot be driven from Lebanon, because Lebanon is the home of its members. But the U.S. can be and will ultimately be driven from Iraq."



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