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Israel’s extremism is the reason

"...the efforts of the friends of Israel, including the United States and Europe, should focus on influencing Israel bilaterally, including by introducing elements of accountability into their relationships. The fact that Israel has been allowed to enjoy having its cake and eating it too--in other words, disregarding the expectations of its friends while continuing to enjoy the benefits of those friendships--has allowed these negative hard-line trends to continue."

Ultimately crippling

"This financial crisis is not new. Nor is Israel's withholding of Palestinian tax revenues. We lived with similar crises when we had a government led by Hamas, and during Israel's 2002 reoccupation of the Palestinian territories and destruction of Palestinian infrastructure. However, the effect of the current financial crisis is different because this crisis comes on top of political stagnation. Now we have the combination of political stagnation, in which the Palestinian Authority is unable to deliver politically due to Israeli settlement activities, together with a financial crisis in which the Palestinian leadership is unable to deliver financially and economically. The combination of these is crippling."

Time to Eliminate the ‘Fear Factor’

"It has been 10 years, an entire decade. So much has come to pass since then, lessons that have not necessarily been learned. I think it is time that the fear factor is put aside and the world looks back at people like us without its tinted glasses. Without the fear or the pretext of fear, the world would run a whole lot smoother."

Let the suffering end

"Ending this conflict would require a release of all prisoners. In the meantime, the priority is to start a process of gradually reducing the number of prisoners in Israeli jails, including a possible negotiated exchange that would release Shalit. This should also include the easing of conditions for Palestinian prisoners and their families, who are subject to humiliating treatment and sometimes deprived of visits."

Spinning – (Poem)

Soon, the lamb’s wool would be all turned into thread
And she would then weave a carpet of red, gold, and indigo



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