Four Years of the Intifada

Yesterday three Palestinians were killed in Nablus and one in Rafah and one in Khan Younis. Read the numbers and facts below to see the violations of Human Rights Issues due to war. The beginning of five years of occupation. A total 4,342 Palestinians and Israelis killed. Of those 1,008 were Israeli and 3,334 Palestinian. 82% of Palestinians killed were civilians.

– 621 Children Killed under the age of 17

– 10,000 Children have been injured

– 424 Palestinians killed by assassinations

– 100 Women in Prison

– 377 Children in Prison

– $1 Billion dollars of damage in the infrastructure

– 50% of Agricultural losses

– 298 Schools shelled or broken, where 4 children killed

– No drinking water in Gaza

– Water consumption is 5 times more for Israelis

– Settler water consumption is 20 times more

– 703 movement restrictions

– 55 women forced to give birth at checkpoints with 20 loosing their children

– The Wall is twice as high and three times as long as the Berlin Wall

– 40,000 Palestinians are imprisoned inside the Wall at Qalqalia

– 22,000 homes have been destroyed in Rafah, Gaza

Let the numbers and facts speak for themselves.


* The numbers are from Dr. Barghouti’s Press Conference on September 27, 2004