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United by strategy Palestinians could assume leadership of peace making

Injustice towards Palestinians evolves over time. In 1948 Palestinians lost claim to full ownership of British Mandate Palestine; they then lost control of the...

The Price of Ruling at any Cost

"Hamas is at a crossroads. If it continues to shun any and all efforts to honestly move forward with Palestinian reconciliation it may retain power in the Gaza Strip, but not for long. The people are not fools. And once they see that this authority, which is willing to stay in power at any cost is also willing to forfeit national unity, it is only a matter of time before they are on their way out."

Free at Last

"...let’s put aside the criticism at least until families are reunited with their loved ones. In any case, it is good to believe that nothing is forever. Today, Israel has dictated that some of our men and women cannot go home. Tomorrow, when Palestine is free, they will be welcomed back with open arms....The swap is not perfect. But no political deal ever was. At the simplest, most human level, it is enough to rejoice that so many of our prisoners will be free from Israeli captivity. That in itself is enough to be thankful for."

Why do they fear our cemeteries?

"It remains for the White House to realize this fact which explains their fear of our cemeteries. We, also, should live up to this new horizon whose first light is dawning on the whole world and which confirms that the future of Palestine will be nothing short of the future of South Africa which won the war against racism and apartheid."

The prisoners’ case, a reflection on the conflict

"Palestinians are looking for the day when all prisoners are released not in an exchange that is forced on Israel but rather as a result of making the wrong right, ending the occupation and allowing for an independent Palestinians state alongside a safe and secure Israel."



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