Where is the Delegation for the Hostages in Belmarsh, Camp-X-Ray and Abu-Ghraib?

“They came, they burned, they slaughtered, they looted and then left”

— Ala al-Din al-Juwayni, Muslim Historian died in 1283 CE

Al-Juwayni wrote the memorable sentence in the thirteenth century describing how the Mongol hordes devastated Baghdad and committed needless slaughter after the Muslims had surrendered. If the self-belief, unity and the mindset of the nation remain strong, such defeats will inevitably be followed by victories. Accordingly, the Mamluk Sultan Baybars of Egypt decisively defeated the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan in 1260 at Galilee in Palestine. This echoed the earlier example of the victory of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi over the barbaric crusaders after their initial success.

So, who will stop the barbaric hordes of today reigning down terror in Baghdad (Fallujah, Abu-Ghraib, Samara and Najaf etc)? These neo-Mongols are militarily advanced and they conceal their barbarism with a civilised face. They have indeed burned, slaughtered, raped, sodomised, looted and much more. And they are preparing to leave Iraq, after they have secured the ruling positions for their bastard children. These illegitimate children may be Arab and Muslim by their heritage through their mother but in terms of their outlook, values and conduct they belong to the neo-Mongols, who have fathered them.

After the defeat in 1260, the Mongols embraced Islam – the Muslims happily accepted them without any resentment or backlash. Such examples are rare in history as it is the conquered subjects that often end up emulating their conquerors. This is also another proof of Islam’s ability to truly cement people of different races and its tolerant nature.

A nation, however, is ultimately subdued not just through the defeats in the battlefields but when its hearts and minds has been colonised. It then loses the willpower to resist; begins to apologise for its existence; looks for ways of making itself acceptable to the victor nation. Under the guise of constructive self-criticism, reform and progress it begins to undermine the core principles and values, conforming to the conquerors wishes.

When such minded people attempt to represent their community, they fail to distinguish between diplomacy and capitulation. At every opportunity condemnation are issued against the legitimate actions of those resisting in self-defence whilst remaining mute towards the unprovoked violence inflicted on a much larger scale by the aggressors. Similarly, whilst ignoring the plight of its own masses they are every ready to engage in protecting the real aggressors.

This stark behaviour has been demonstrated once again by the delegation sent from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to help release Mr. Bigley from captivity. Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "Be merciful. Our religion Islam does not allow us to harm the innocent”. The innocence of Mr Bigley is questionable given that he was working in Iraq as a contractor aiding the illegal occupational forces. But the essential point is: what does Islam say about those who harm the innocent Muslims, the party to which Mr Bigley also belongs. Should that not have been highlighted whilst demanding for his release?

As the delegations from the MCB landed, Britain’s ally, the US, bombed Fallujah and killed 15 people, which included women and children as testified by the medical doctors and the pictures solely aired by Al-Jazeera. For anyone who has any doubt an earlier video of US atrocities is available on the net [1], one of many clearly illustrating US war crimes as unarmed civilians are incinerated; beheaded by high-tech weapons. In these types of footage, there is no attempt to use the fig leaf of collateral damages; it is raw action, uncensored, unrestricted, like Abu-Ghraib.

A recent ‘War Report’ [2] compiled by an Iraqi journalist itemizes the horrors being visited on the Iraqi people e.g. 14 enormous cluster bombs each of which contains 2000 so-called bomblets as well as napalm bombs dropped on the village of Zaydan, 20km south of al-Fallujah. At least forty-four people were massacred in the small village. According to the report 15 of the dead were children, 10 women, and nine were elderly persons.

These illegal and vengeful war crimes go unreported and at best, misreported in the Western media. So why do they not warrant the kind of coverage that for example the British hostage Ken Bigley has gotten? Is it because Iraqi lives have no value? We know the names of Nick Berg, Kenneth Bigley and others but how many Iraqi victims of the US are known by their names?

What about addressing the demands of the captors? It is no secret that honourable Muslim women, many of whom are related to the resistance fighters are locked up in prison, threatened with Abu-Ghraib style treatment. This was the real purpose behind recording and filming the gruesome activities, so that extraction of the information would be made easier. As they say, the “war on terror” is a “war of terror”!

Recent investigations by American legal investigators [3] have once again showed that torture and rape is rampant throughout the U.S.-run prison system in Iraq. Such incidences are still occurring. Proving the point that Abu-Ghraib was only a sample of what was caught on camera, the real horror is much greater.

For many in the mainstream media Abu-Ghraib is often dismissed as a house-of-fun for the few untrained US soldiers. The Islamic world are a little perplexed as to how the champions of women’s rights and human rights can end up committing rape, sexual-abuse and torturing of teenage girls, then to treat the matter so lightly! Rape in fact is rampant within the US army and the society at large, and it continues to grow every year.

All these examples demonstrates that all the noise about women’s rights are politically motivated to score points against Islam. The bankruptcy of these slogans can be seen in the mindset and in the behaviour of the men. These freedom loving males with their pretence of upholding the ‘politically correct attitude’ towards women collapses when their carnal desires are agitated. And there is little room for genuine respect and restraint, given the opportunity to commit such acts.

Mr Sacranie then goes on to plea for Mr. Bigley: “We urge you to please listen to this appeal and release this man back into the arms of his waiting family”. But who will plea for the hostages held in Belmarsh, Abu-Ghraib and other US-run prisons. Which should have been linked or at least mentioned with the issue of releasing Mr. Bigley, if the MCB are genuinely a group that aspires to represent the interests of the Muslims.

These moderates readily accept the various unfounded and one-sided accusations. So, when confronted with the same old question about suicide-bombings, immediate condemnations are expressed for killing Israeli ‘civilians’ but no references are made to the state led terror which has consumed far greater number of Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims since 1948. Nor do they offer any practical solution as to how the desperate Palestinians and Iraqis should resist.

In contrast, the Jewish Rabbi in Israel recently urged the Israeli army to kill unarmed Palestinian civilians, as if they need guidance on the subject! There was virtually no response from the MCB. They should have demanded an explanation from the Jewish population, asking them to renounce such types of Jewish terrorism? Since the Talmudic law openly discriminates against all non-Jews (Gentiles), the book should have been condemned as a source of terrorism and hate.

Such things are constantly demanded from the Muslim community by the anti-Islamic brigade of Richard LittleJohn, Kilroy-Silk, Polly Toynbee, David Aaronovitch and the likes. They have now conveniently become mute or silenced by their fear of being labelled as an anti-Semite. The final result is: ‘victims are portrayed as aggressors and the real aggressors are portrayed as victims’.

Since, there are no signs of the likes of Sultan Baybars, Salahuddin Ayubi, Muhammad Al-Fatih emerging, the Islamic world will continue to be devoured by the predatory Western powers propelled by their lust for the black gold and aided by the Zionists. Whilst our moderate camps eases their path for the sake of gaining some small benefits as did the various Muslims Kings of Spain, which ultimately led to their permanent demise at the hands of Isabella and Ferdinand. Finally, Phillip III completed the mission in 1609.


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