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Kashmir: Nehru to Modi – What’s Changed?

Generations of Kashmir's population have waited in vain for an end to India's brutal military occupation and to celebrate their independence - finally as...

Warning: This article contains graphic human rights abuse in Canada

"The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) says Canada is ignoring the basic human rights of the poorest and most vulnerable Canadian women. FAFIA spokesperson Sharon McIvor says, “Canada is the home of serious violations of the human rights of Aboriginal women and girls.”

The sad truth about US attitude towards Palestinians

"The Palestinian Authority will most probably do nothing until after the US elections. But regardless of who will be president in the US in the coming years, one just hopes that Palestinian leaders will not allow themselves to be duped anymore with the sweet talk that has no basis on the ground."

War, Occupation and Massacre

"No one should ever be surprised when innocent children die in war zones. In fact, every time a Drone fires a weapon, or a bomb is dropped from a plane, it is probable that innocent civilians are killed....Because too many US voters lack the critical thinking skills necessary to understand how the world works. We have a dysfunctional political system, a culture that celebrates stupidity and violence, and an inferior educational system. Of course there are exceptions. Some teachers are smart, dedicated, and supportive of their students. There are not enough of them. Some people choose C-Span Book TV over the reality shows. But not enough citizens make that wise choice. It seems that the national IQ is at an all time low. People don't know what they don't know. Uninformed voting is epidemic and has disastrous consequences."

If not now then never – Wake-up Pakistanis

"The leader of the rising political party of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Justice Party), Mr. Imran Khan announced that if the current rulers of Pakistan refused to follow the Supreme Court’s verdicts and trying to execute other measure which may over-rule the Court’ decision then he would ask the people of Pakistan to come out and stand behind the Courts of Justice. It is very visible now that if these rulers succeed in their plans then that will be an unrecoverable loss for Pakistan as it happened in the past in 1971 when Pakistan was broken into half."



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