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Recolonization of Africa: Joining The Red Dots on The Continent

The word "recolonization" is certainly not the most liked word in the vocabulary of the ruling elite of our continent, Africa. It only becomes...

Climb Down From the Summit of Hostile Propaganda

Throughout the day before the summit in Helsinki, the lead story on the New York Times home page stayed the same: “Just by Meeting...

Daddy, Where Do Taxes Come From?

"We've built a permanent military, as if we're always at war. And we've managed to usually be at war in one little country or another. Now, 57% of government spending (in President Obama's proposal for 2013) goes to wars and preparations for wars -- that is, if we don't count special programs that pay for themselves with special taxes of their own, like Social Security. Our country has 5% of the people in the world and over 50% of the war spending."

"SSC" is the Last Hope to bridge Somalia back together

"Somalia is inundated with arms and ammunitions, and anyone with money can buy them to kill and maim the innocent such as women, children, elderly and minorities with impunity. Let there be no mistake, using force to annex these regions is a loose/loose proposition. It will only contribute to more deaths and destruction that could end the relative peace long enjoyed by the people of the north."

The fate of two political systems and America’s decline

"America had no intention of dismantling the despotic regimes; rather she sought to place her own agents to administer them while making false pretences about delivering freedom and democracy around the world. America, armed with the “Truman Doctrine” proceeded to deprive the Arab world freedom from tyranny and the ability to rule for themselves. She covertly buttressed these regimes to keep the Arab population imprisoned and subdued. But in 2011, popular revolts erupted throughout the region that removed a few tyrants and destabilised the political order America had so painstakingly put together over past decades."



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