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Apartheid System in New York court

I would have thought racism would have been a huge issue in America - the segregation of black and white or asian and American journalists, yet, there's been nothing.

Note to Obama: Investing in Exuberance Ultimately Leads to Bankruptcy

"Mr. Obama, if you listen to the Larry Summers' of the world, you will receive bad advice and be influenced towards injustice. Albert Einstein once said that it is folly to try to solve problems using the same mindsets that created them."

Our Trillion-Dollar War

"If a trillion dollars were simply given to those counted as poor by the federal government (37 million in 2005), it would amount to $27,000 per person. That’s $81,000 for a family of three, higher than the median income of all American families, and far greater than the poverty threshold of $15,577."

Who is in charge of the Response to the Katrina Disaster?

"We should be capable of doing far more in less time than we have done. We need leadership, and it should spring from the White House."

Reverend Robertson was just trying to save Taxpayer Money

"...when Pat Robertson talks about political assassinations, he is just being practical and pragmatic and godly all at the same time."



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