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Whatever you do, don’t say ‘Thank you’

"On this Eid, if they can, Palestinians should visit Jerusalem and go to the beach. Every Palestinian has a right to smell the Mediterranean from the beautiful shores of Jaffa or to walk the alleyways of the Old City. But remember, Israel does not offer permits or ease restrictions at checkpoints because they love us. It is to ease them into accepting isolation of Jerusalem as a given and have us thank them for allowing us into their malls and their beach-side restaurants."

Checkpoint Trouble

"Making me (or others) get down and walk through a checkpoint is not about security, it is about making our lives that much more difficult so we might think twice about making Jerusalem our permanent home. And hopefully, according to the stone-faced soldier at Qalandiya, if we get fed up enough, we take her advice. “Don’t come back to Israel,” she told us. Little does she know that it will take more than that to deter us. We are not in Israel, I wanted to tell her. We are in Palestine; we are home."

Showering in America

"Palestinians only have access to roughly one-fifth of the West Bank water supply with the Israeli government controlling the rest. Illegal Israeli settlers have more control over water resources in the West Bank than the majority Palestinian population living on their own land. Hence the luxurious swimming pools in the settlements in stark contrast to empty wells in neighboring Palestinian villages."

One Step Closer to Palestine

"All Palestinians, regardless of where they live, dream and hope for freedom and an independent state in their rightful homeland. We are all in consensus that peace and Israel’s occupation cannot coexist and peace will never come without justice for the Palestinians."

Rare sign of Palestinia​n backbone: Standing up to US and Israeli...

"...Palestinians are witnessing a revitalised and more popular leadership than they had in some time. Nevertheless many questions still remain. Is this the end of a phase or the beginning of one? What will happen the day after? Is the Palestinian leadership so focused on getting the world to recognise statehood that it failed to consider a domestic plan to support such a declaration on the ground?"



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