SOS ( Save Our Soul )

The last Sunday’s heinous murder of the two Dutch tourists by BSF men in Srinagar is definitely going to highlight the gross human rights violations that characterize the Indian occupation of Kashmir.

According to the version given by Indian security forces, the two attacked a Border Security Force patrol with knives and were then shot dead.

Whereas, according to the brother of one of the murdered Dutchmen, the two saw the Indian soldiers manhandling a Kashmiri woman. They objected and got involved in a verbal exchange with the Indian soldiers, who shot and killed them.

Although the case (FIR 3 of 2002) was registered with the Khanyar police station in the old city, the police closed the files following the dismissive attitude of the security forces.

Senior functionaries in the state government admit that within hours after the Dutchmen were killed, unsubstantiated claims that they were Al Qaeda militants were flashed countrywide.

The media reporting of eye-witnesses has forced Junior Home Minister Najib Suharwardy to rule out the theory of militants launching a fidayeen (suicide) attack against the BSF with pocket knives as ridiculous.

Little wonder then, that a panicky state government has ordered a speedy probe into the killings.

If two Kashmiri men had objected to the BSF men’s maltreatment of the woman, their murder by the Indian soldiers would have hardly got known to the world.

Instead, the Indian publicity machine would merely have reported the death in a shoot-out of two more “cross-border terrorists.”

With such a long list of crimes against local population on record, the double-murder of January 13 morning is definitely going to expose tyranny and wanton human rights violations in Indian Held Kashmir.

President Musharraf has rightly appealed the world nations to pressure India to let Amnesty and other Human Rights organizations work in IHK to monitor and

control Indian brutalities.

Has the world given a license to both Israel and India to continue their violent crimes against humanity?