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Spinning – (Poem)

Soon, the lamb’s wool would be all turned into thread
And she would then weave a carpet of red, gold, and indigo

An Open Letter From a Saudi "Wahabi" To Member of the...

"Claims that Saudi Charities either deliberately or inadvertently fund al-Qaeda ignore the fundamental tenet of charitable giving in Islam. "Zakat," or Charity, is one of the five pillars of Islam; it requires the giving of 2 1/2 percent of one's assets that have been held for one year to be to a narrow class of needy persons."

The Lost Qiblah – Volume Two :: Online Book ::

"Do we travel towards Makkah, while we pray? If not, then, what is the correct direction of al Qiblah from North America? North East? Or East South East?"

Rise in Global Oil’s Prices: Socio-Economic Causes and Implications

"It is estimated that the recent al-Qaeda activities inside Saudi Arabia especially ruthless attacks and merciless killings of foreigners working in the oil business have increased the geopolitical risk of a barrel of oil by something from $8-$12."

Banking Industry of Pakistan: Performances and Constrains

"The banking industry should determine where improvement is needed, how service can be improved and where operating system breakdowns occur, why they occur and how they can be avoided."



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