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Israel can’t win a war against itself

Like the grotesque picture of Dorian Gray locked away in the attic, Israel gets uglier with each act of cruelty, and no amount of canned hasbara or phony “anti-Semitism” conferences can make it look pretty. What Israel was and what it did in 1948 is being revealed in what Israel is and is now doing. The reason Israel can’t hide from its history is that it has stagnated and history has caught up with it.

The Travesty of Selective American Outrage over Military Murders

"There is no profound sense of outrage by the American public or by its president over American military murders of Iraqis or other non-Americans around the world. But President Obama and various congress people have stated in the Ft. Hood aftermath that ALL Americans are outraged and hurt by American military fratricide. Why the discrepancy?"

Betrayal in Geneva

"If the PA is a failed structure then some other body should assume the defense of the helpless people of Palestine. Meanwhile, the PA can disband and make room for another body to assume the responsibilities that the PA has abdicated."

What Ted Kennedy gave to me

"...I will remember Ted Kennedy, not only for what he has given to our nation, but what, in the most trying of times, he gave to me and my community--a restored sense of belonging."

Why doesn’t Obama call for Transfer of Illegal Settlements to Palestinians?

"Instead of calling for a cessation of construction of new outposts, Barack Obama should be demanding a total withdrawal of Israeli citizens and military from Palestinian lands to the 1967 borders, leaving Israeli "improvements" intact for the use of the Palestinian people as they see fit."



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