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The Working Poor and Livable Wage

"The required Federal Minimum wage keeps the average American family of four living in poverty. According to the Working Poor Families Project study, as of in December 2010 Nearly one in every three American families is classified as the working poor, that is 45 million people including 22 million children.  These are the people who can barely make it from month to month, they are two income providers and blue collar workers.  The wages and hours are decreasing and the monthly bills keep going up."

Hostage to Israeli intransigence

"...the current US administration seems to have a more reasonable understanding of the first phase and expects the two parties to make simultaneous efforts to fulfill their obligations. However, while both American and Israeli security officials have repeatedly commended the Palestinian side for its efforts to fulfill its phase one obligations, the US faces serious difficulties in convincing Israel to comply with its obligations regarding freezing settlement construction and dismantling outposts."

Obama Won Hearts, Now It’s Time to Win Minds

"Should Israel's strategy to deflate U.S. pressure fail, the question remains, how will the U.S. deal with Israel's refusal to stop settlement expansion? Will there be consequences for Israel? The answer to that is most likely being debated behind closed doors, not yet ready to be said openly. However, whatever that course of action will be, it will have to remain true to the spirit of the Cairo speech."

No recognition

"Once again, the big losers will be the Palestinians. Israelis will continue their dynamic march toward closing off the geographic option for two states, which is indeed already fairly closed. Hence anyone aspiring to establish a Palestinian state--a goal for which many Israelis genuinely lay down their lives--must concentrate their efforts mainly in the Palestinian camp. When there is genuine movement in that camp toward recognizing Israel and ceasing all terrorism, there is a good chance most Israelis will meet the Palestinians halfway."

Rethinking California’s Prisons

"Each prisoner costs taxpayers thirty-five thousand a year. Victims are not made whole, but forced to foot the bill to house their perpetrators."



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