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Exporting Dictators

The U.S. government gets little credit for it, doesn't even like to brag about it, but as of 2017 provided military "aid" to 73%...

What Ted Kennedy gave to me

"...I will remember Ted Kennedy, not only for what he has given to our nation, but what, in the most trying of times, he gave to me and my community--a restored sense of belonging."

U.S.-Russian Nuclear Agreement: Good News and Bad News

"Obama and Medvedev have undertaken to move their governments in the right direction, but they need to move them much, much farther. Nothing short of scrapping these horrible, intrinsically indiscriminating weapons entirely will suffice to eliminate their terrible threat to mankind and other living creatures."

The Death of Robert McNamara

"An estimated three million Vietnamese were killed, many of them suffering horrible deaths from Napalm and early versions of cluster bombs."

This Bad Era Will Soon Be Over

"What is sad, however, is that American politics has stooped so low that a Muslim and Arab or a Palestinian are dismissed not for what they say or what they do but for who they are. Rashid Khalidi's sin is not whether he is or is not a spokesman of the PLO -- his real sin is that he is an American of Palestinian origin that presidential nominee Barack Obama knew."



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