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The Most Dangerous Man in History

The most dangerous man in history might not be who you think it is. Not Caligula, Pinochet, or Ivan the Terrible. Not Hitler. Trump is...

Economics vs. Politics

"In order to dig itself out of this economic situation, the leadership of Jordan has no choice but to find a political mechanism that ensures that all sectors of society, including the Islamists, are participating in the overall decision-making process. If not, the country will continue to suffer from ups and downs and changes of governments, which cannot be the formula for long-term political or economic stability in the country."

The Dangers of Political Arrogance

"For the sake of the Americans, the hope is that not many will listen to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney either. Another extremely arrogant and often inaccurate politician, Romney puts his foot in his mouth time and time again because he thinks he is over and above just about every other American politician, including President Obama."

Come on World, it can’t get clearer than this

"So, what is the world waiting for? The Palestinians have accepted negotiations, which ultimately led to nowhere. The leadership has made concessions, which at times have landed them in hot water with their own people, all for the sake of peace. They have accepted western standards for peace in a Middle Eastern world and have accepted them without complaint. They have convinced their people that for the sake of preserving any of Palestine we would have to accept only a portion of it....No doubt, they have made mistakes along the way, armfuls of them. But all said and done, they have played by the game fair and square."

Israel’s extremism is the reason

"...the efforts of the friends of Israel, including the United States and Europe, should focus on influencing Israel bilaterally, including by introducing elements of accountability into their relationships. The fact that Israel has been allowed to enjoy having its cake and eating it too--in other words, disregarding the expectations of its friends while continuing to enjoy the benefits of those friendships--has allowed these negative hard-line trends to continue."



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