Israel enters South Asia at India’s Expense

The basis of the new Indo-Israeli bonhomie is their common hatred towards Muslims.

The other fatal attractions are Jewish state’s access to big Indian market and India’s purchase of military equipment or know-how from Israel on mutually beneficial terms.

New Delhi has taken a dramatic risk to loose its Arab friends by making a common cause with their number one enemy- an expansionist Israel.

The blossoming new “equation” between New Delhi and the Jerusalem establishment will also give perceptions of similarities between the Kashmir issue and the Palestinian question.

Within the larger Islamic bloc of nations, Iran is already reported to have voiced concern over Israel’s new “activities” in India.

The Vajpayee administration must not succumb to the temptation of Israel’s military hardware at the risk of loosing sweet Arab oil.

In laying out the red carpet for Mr. Peres at the time when Israel is mercilessly killing Palestinians, the Indian officialdom has resented the Arab world.

While the BJP led establishment may be inclined to dismiss such concerns, India can ill-afford to strain its ties with the Muslim bloc for economic compulsions.

An oil embargo with the lethal combination of cutting off trade ties and expulsion of Indian manpower from Gulf States will totally crumble Indian economy.

The teams being sent to Muslim capitals will not offset the damage. India needs to show sincerity rather relying on diplomatic tricks.

India is on the way of trapping itself in some untenable position where Arabs may ask the American line é Are you with Israel or with us?

The honest answer will be an economic bombshell for India.