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A Little Girl in Kabul

"The destructiveness of this war is reality for Guljumma and her father. And for hundreds of families at Helmand Refugee Camp District 5. And, in fact, for millions of Afghan people. The violence of this war -- military, economic and social -- keeps destroying the future. Every day and night."

His Master’s Voice – (Poem)

but as long as he is going to finish
his mater's dirty job of bombing.
He is ok because he is brown. He can stick around.

Job Hunting

"The days are over when you could call a company on the phone and make an appointment for an interview, or stop by someplace and drop off your resume."

Imagine a Free and Democratic Iraq

"If such a government ever emerges in Iraq, it shouldn't be a surprise if the Iraqi people treat the U.S. as an enemy, not as a friend."

Greetings for the Year 2007

"The world is not as different as is painted by the propagandists in delusional colors. Contrived collision of “us and them” has happened many times before. To fodder the flames of hatred our designated enemies are presented as caricatures. It is time to erase that fake line between them and us; it is an opportunity to face the outside world with strength, yes; but more importantly with understanding and compassion. Strength without understanding is always misdirected."



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