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The First Casualty of the Next Major Conflict may be the...

"The day is coming when email users and internet users known to be dissidents or to have tendencies towards dissidence may be banned and electronically disconnected from the internet altogether."

If Syria’s Army hadn’t left Lebanon, Would Israel be bombing Beirut?

"The Lebanese people cannot win in their current set of circumstances. They can only suffer. They cannot stop Israel, Hezbollah, or Syria."

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Terrorist Ice Cream Truck Driver?

"...one thing is for sure -- these men will not have to go through the rigors of trial. All that is important is that they can be accused and thus be separated from their previous lives. They can now be classified as some sort of "enemy combatants" or "enemy ice cream truck terrorists" or "prisoners of war" and be locked away indefinitely."

Uncle Sam: "Got Any Enemy Combatants I Can Buy"

"It would be interesting to know how many detainees in American military prisons were actually taken captive in battle; versus how many were either obtained for bounties from strangers, and how many were simple rounded up in house to house neighborhoods searches by the U.S. military."



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