Washington’s web of lies vis-à-vis Iraq

If Washington genuinely cared about the Iraqi people, and their suffering, it would have intervened back in 1988 when Saddam Hussein allegedly “gassed his own people” whereby tens of rebellious Kurds were reportedly killed as result. More strikingly, the UN estimates that the US-led sanctions against Iraq, in place since 1990, has led to the death of over a million Iraqi civilians, in addition to ruining the Iraqi economy.

If all Washington aspired to achieve by attacking Iraq was to depose Sadam Hussein from power, it would carry out a surgical strike, in fact, it would have done so all ready, rather than routinely bomb the various Iraqi installations and defenses in the (unsanctioned) so-called “no-fly zones”.

If all Washington aspired to achieve by attacking Iraq is to dismantle Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction capabilities, it would quit Iraq after the war, not remain there, build military bases and install a pro-Washington puppet regime there.

If Washington was genuinely interested in introducing democracy to Iraq/Arab lands, it wouldn’t have reinstated the same-old despotic Kuwaiti regime, after Kuwait was “liberated” from Iraq.

If Washington gave a darn about UN resolutions or about the UN become irrelevant or not, it would have shown at least half the enthusiasm it is currently showing for strictly enforcing UN resolutions pertinent to Iraq, in Palestine and elsewhere (what Washington is seeking, clearly, is an international blanket for its hegemonic agenda).

Mr. Baha Abushaqra is a Media Activist with Palestine Media Watch.