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Canada’s election–stupid is as stupid does

Canadians, in droves, turned up their noses at democracy, choosing a party that has attacked it at every turn. These voters made their electoral decision with one hand holding their wallets and the other flailing around from their eyes to their ears, willfully shutting out the endless evidence that it is the people, and not just Parliament, that Harper holds in contempt. -- Ethan Baron,  columnist and new Canadian citizen

Elections Are a Waste of Time — If…

"Elections are a waste of time if you don’t realize or care that the powerful forces behind Wall Street and the warfare state are thrilled if progressives retreat from electoral battles."

A Mad Tea Party

"The next targets are social security and all other social welfare programs, including unemployment insurance, and free public education. The burden of taxation has already been shifted to workers, the middle class and small business owners, and now the people are being convinced that they cannot afford the very programs that most benefit themselves. Sheer madness!"

That’s What They Do! – (Poem)

But they don't know
If my fingers are cut
My eyelashes will write on the paper
And if they make me mute
My silence will scream.

Obama Fumbles the Ball on Palestine

"The American public elected you to bring about change we can believe in, and peace in the Middle East will only be that sort of change if it is a peace based on justice instead of military repression."



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