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And You Call me a Terrorist – (Poem)

You have weapons of mass-destruction
International Propaganda Machinery

U.S.-Russian Nuclear Agreement: Good News and Bad News

"Obama and Medvedev have undertaken to move their governments in the right direction, but they need to move them much, much farther. Nothing short of scrapping these horrible, intrinsically indiscriminating weapons entirely will suffice to eliminate their terrible threat to mankind and other living creatures."

Skepticism over Obama’s election

"...it will require a fundamental and momentous change in US hubris to end the bombings, the invasions, the killings, the destruction, the coups, the occupations and the torture. ."

Poised at the (Final) Tipping Point

"What we are seeing is the all-out effort to preserve human institutions, such as banks and corporations, whose reason for existence is out of whack with human sustainability on the planet. The financial system exists to enhance wealth and profit and economic growth and usually at the expense of natural "institutions", such as ecosystems, species, and even whole planetary realms, such as the global climate. We think nothing of putting the polar bear at risk, but go all out to save Wachovia."

Media Sham for Iraq War — It’s Happening Again

"With so many prominent American journalists navigating their stories by the lights of big Washington stars, it’s not surprising that so much of the news coverage looks at what happens in Iraq through the lens of the significance for American power."



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