The Midwife

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has referred to the fighting in Lebanon as part of the "birth pangs of a new Middle East."

I have to admit that I envy caricaturists. Condi the Midwife! What a caricature it would make were it not so tragic. Just imagine: a very tiny and severely injured pregnant lady, with a huge belly marked in red, “The New Middle East”, is lying on her back suffering from “birth pangs” and from injuries sustained by heavy bombardment. Condi is standing over the poor woman with her high heels dug deep into her thighs, and she’s pulling the baby out, by the legs. You see, it’s a breech delivery and while Condi is pulling on the legs, the hands and head are stuck inside.

This is the way by which the New Middle East (NME) is coming to this world, through destruction in Lebanon, Palestine, and of course in Iraq.

No one seems to know what this NME is all about beyond the fact that it is conceived through intellectual incest among some of the most criminal minds on earth. Some are living in Israel, others in the USA, and others in some Arab capitals. Some call themselves “Jewish Zionists”, others call themselves “Christian Zionists”, and the rest are in fact “Arab Zionists”. The outcome of their incest will be a monster. Whether it will live or be a stillborn is yet to be seen.

The NME is not the only monster created through this kind of incest. Its stillborn sibling was called the Greater Middle East, GME. Dr. Salim El-Hoss, ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon summed up the GME in a recent interview with Al-Manar TV as the attempt to kill Arabism: “Take North Africa out, bring Turkey and Iran in, break down the social structure in the Eastern Arab World (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine) into its sectarian groupings and make them fight, and leave Israel as the only cohesive social structure to rule them all”.

From the path of destruction going through Lebanon, Iraq, and what is left of Palestine, we can deduce at least two objectives of this NME: total US hegemony and giving Israel a free hand in taking over what is left of Palestine. There is no room in this NME for any resistance to either objective. This suits different people for different reasons: The Jewish Zionists to complete their occupation of Palestine; the Christian Zionists to speed up the “Second Coming”; for the Arab Zionists, to punish those Arabs who stood up to Israel and actually defeated it thus exposing their incompetence and complicity; and the US government of course as the incubator of this monster.

The alphabet has twenty six letters. Letters are arranged to make words that carry meanings and describe actions. No arrangement has been discovered yet to eradicate the spirit of resistance to injustice and cruelty. Attempts are always made, but they always fail. Here are some of those attempts: GREATERISRAEL, GME, NME, USSUPPORTFORISRAEL, ARABCAPITULATION, OSLOACCORDS, ZIONISM, NEOCONS, EU, GEORGEWBUSH, CONDOLEEZZARICE, WARONTERROR, STEPHENHARPER, TONYBLAIR, UNSECURITYCOUNCIL, SABRAANDSHATILA, NATO, DEIRYASSIN, and many more. None of them ever worked. None ever will.