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A Palestine that Israelis can’t see

"Israelis may be living in utter denial of the peculiar, doomed reality they have created by the sheer might of force, but this is no excuse for the rest of the world, especially the US, not to wake up and realise that ending the occupation has the potential to release a tremendous amount of positive energy in the Palestinian community. And it this energy that will allow Palestinians to negotiate in good faith as it rebuilds its society from the ruins of decades of destitution."

Palestine’s gain is Lebanon’s pain

"Fearing diplomatic pressures, Israel…conducted punitive military raids ‘deliberately out of proportion’ against ‘Palestinian and Lebanese civilians’ in order to weaken ‘PLO moderates,’ strengthen the hand of Arafat’s ‘radical rivals,’ and guarantee the PLO’s ‘inflexibility.’… To fend off Arafat’s ‘peace offensive’—Yaniv’s telling phrase—Israel embarked on military action [against Lebanon] in June 1982..." -- Robert Fisk

Helen Thomas – People’s Journalist – Resigns

"Helen Thomas stood out for truth and honesty in journalism away from the overwhelming dehumanizing influence of the Israel-firsters in Washington. In a pro-Israel, Zionist dominated media world, expressing views that are perceived to be hostile to the interest of the pariah state of Israel can be journalistically suicidal. It was, thus, not a question of why but when that final curtain would be drawn on Helen Thomas’s glorious journalist career. And that’s what happened last week in Washington."

God bliss

"Israeli media carried no reporting whatsoever from inside Gaza during the bombardment, and it was considered subversive during the fighting to listen to reports from CNN, the BBC or, God forbid, al-Jazeera. It is still forbidden for Israeli journalists to enter Gaza and report how families are bearing up in homes with gaping holes in their roofs because Israel does not allow construction materials to be brought in. Now if the Gazans only lived in Haiti" As for the West Bank, why should the journalists bother? Brutality by the army is not new and hence not newsworthy."

Gazans Have No Friends in Egypt

"See here's Egypt's problem. Its Foreign Minister has to convince the Americans that his government is doing its utmost to seal Gaza's border to fortify the Israeli siege. In the meantime, the journalists toiling to make a living at Al Ahram have been assigned the unenviable task of convincing the public that the same Egyptian government is doing its level best to deliver food and medicine to the internment camps in Gaza."



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