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In past ten years U.S. has expanded military network throughout the...

"The recently acquired bases, though hardly of the dimensions of those constructed after the Second World War and the Korean War, or for that matter of the almost 1,000-acre Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, are sufficient for the needs of 21st century American warfare, shifting as it has to long-range bombing and helicopter gunship attacks, cruise and drone missile strikes, and special forces operations."

Enough Jihad by Email: When will we march for Palestine

"There are many honorable men and women around the world of all faiths and races who like me toil against the Apartheid occupation of Palestine with their own Jihad by Email, their own struggle to enlighten the world that gross injustice exists under the very feet of the western invention of a “democratic Jewish only State” called Israel."

Memoir of a Baltimore Homicide Detective :: Book Review ::

Kelvin Sewell was a member of the Baltimore City Police Department for 22 years. He saw it all and then some. Part of that time, he was a Detective in the Homicide Squad. His absorbing memoir, “Why Do We Kill?: The Pathology of Murder in Baltimore” will inform, educate and also shock the bejaysus out of you. Written with Stephen Janis, this book isn’t for the weak of heart.

The savior in each of us

"Here we are 2000 years later still awaiting miracles from outside instead of believing that we can effect change as Jesus taught. The 1960s civil rights movement had a saying: ‘free your mind and your ass will follow’. Time will tell how many people (Westerners and Arabs, Christians, Muslims, or Jews) will run like scared lemmings over the cliff and into the abyss before enough people finally stand-up and free their minds."

How Eurocentric is Your Day?

"During the eighteenth century, many of the leading Enlightenment thinkers were keenly aware that Chinese had preceded them in their emphasis on reasoning by some two millennia. By the end of this century, however, a more muscular, more confident Europe chose to erase their debt to China from its collective memory."



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