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Israel must be held accountable

"This latest murder is entirely consistent with this typical Israeli disregard for international legality and other states' sovereignty. And the way the international community in the past has treated Israel's negligence of international law and other people's rights has indirectly encouraged such behavior. Israel has been allowed to act as a country above the law...Not holding Israel accountable for its actions, as has been the case for far too long now, is directly responsible for Israel's lurch to extremism and hooliganism."

Betrayal in Geneva

"If the PA is a failed structure then some other body should assume the defense of the helpless people of Palestine. Meanwhile, the PA can disband and make room for another body to assume the responsibilities that the PA has abdicated."

Nakba 60th year: Complex or Not – Solution is Simple

"A great deal of the confusion about the so-called “complex” nature of the conflict has been deliberately engineered by the apartheid state of Israel. This strategy, built around the exploitation of guilt on the issue of anti-semitism, has aided successive Israeli regimes to ignore, defy and manipulate all known conventions with the direct complicity of Western nations."

Is Bush Planning Another Regime Change in Iraq?

"Both the Democratic and Republican Parties in the U.S. are more concerned with the perception and realization of American interests in Iraq than with the actual realization of the interests of the American people."

The Midwife

"From the path of destruction going through Lebanon, Iraq, and what is left of Palestine, we can deduce at least two objectives of this NME: total US hegemony and giving Israel a free hand in taking over what is left of Palestine. There is no room in this NME for any resistance to either objective."



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