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Iraq: Inside the Belly of CIA Beast

"What the CIA file documents is the fact that Iraq was ferociously devoured in the belly of the CIA beast not as a country with a dictator as its leader but as a nation which was denied the opportunity to hold its fate in its own hands and get rid of its dictator....The sheer ouster of Saddam Hussein as a dictator barely justifies the innocent blood that was spilled in Iraq and a military invasion of such colossally devastating proportions."

Abbas Letter: Signed, Sealed and Delivered, But What’s Next?

"The leadership is in a bind for sure, but the question is whether holding on to the nearly invisible string left from the peace process is the right way to go. After Netanyahu comes back with his expected response to Abbas’ letter, perhaps it may be time to throw caution to the wind. Forget about letters and negotiating over land after it has already been stolen; the leadership – the PA, the PLO and Hamas to boot – should tap into the strength and potentials of a people just waiting for its leadership to push ‘go’. Who knows? It may just pay off after all."

Dragons of Greed slain by common man; Think what he could...

"The way to stop the insanity is the same way we stopped the debit card fees; you send your message to the president, to your congressman and to your senators. If we make enough noise, they will listen, or, they simply won't get reelected."

Fobbit Humor

"Endless projects were developed for Iraqis at incredible expense, without involving or even meaningfully consulting Iraqis. Farmers who sold milk locally just fine were expected to send it to new processing plants. Same deal with chickens. None of these schemes panned out -- except of course for the profiteers.."

King’s new witch-hunt to evangelize US prison industrial system

"As human rights activists have noted, the US prison system has little to do with “rehabilitation” — rather, it focuses on punishment, disciplining bodies and creeds, which the mainstream society fears for some reason, into subjection. When multinational pillagers are walking free, it is safe to say that US prisons are more like pillories for fears, fantasies, and obsessions of other bodies in society, rather than the judicious exercise of law enforcement. Peter King wants to evangelize the suffering masses of the incarcerated, not to any one religion in particular, but to governmental power."



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