The Kind of Country They warned u s a bout:

The US has no clue about the number of civilian casualties an attack on Iraq would involve, nor of the number of dead among American and Iraqi military. There are no valid plans for a stable government after such an attack, nor any real idea of the costs for reconstructing Iraq…which is already America’s responsibility, by all rights.

Here are ten other reasons the US should not attack Iraq:

So that the US will be complying with international law.

Because America’s allies in Europe, South America, Asia and (except for Israel…is that why Bush wants to attack?) the Middle East oppose it.

Because despite extensive diabolical efforts at linkage by some in Washington, it seems very clear that Iraq had nothing to do with September 11, has never attacked the US, and has generally only fought US forces in self defense.

Because the deadly sanctions should not be compounded by even more warfare, but should be lifted from Iraq, a country with destroyed water and sewage systems (sanctions are already killing children as surely as bioweapons ever could, with five-hundred thousand children under age five having died by 1998 according to UN figures).

Because former weapons inspector Scott Ritter has said Iraq has neither weapons of mass destruction nor the means to deliver them, and cannot even produce such weapons or delivery systems.

Because one cause of terrorism is the very kind of motivation such an attack would provide (violence begets violence).

Because, contrary to President Bush’s “legal advisors” and the invisible Vice President, but according to United States law (which the Texan was sworn to uphold) the President does need to have congressional approval to go to war, according to the War Powers Act.

Because there is a health care crisis looming in the US that will make September 11 look like small potatoes in comparison, and American resources and efforts are needed at home, now, to protect Americans.

Because terrorist risk to the US would be reduced by supporting justice in the Middle East (e.g. demanding that Israel end the 35 year long illegal occupation of Palestinian land) instead of perpetrating violence in support of injustice (e.g. sending weapons to Israel for use on civilians in violation of US and international law, and keeping deadly sanctions clamped on Iraq).

And importantly…..

So that the US won’t be the kind of country our parents warned us about.

The US Congress should not allow George Bush and Dick Cheney to drag the American flag through the mud and the blood in Iraq.

Mr. Claiborne M. Clark contributed above perspective to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from Durham, NC, USA.