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A Real Job for the Vice President: Leading Congress

"The Vice President should avoid the spotlight and should actually do something to earn the $230,700 annual salary paid to him or her by the American People. The Vice President should get a real job, and the People should get their money’s worth."

Bush and Cheney’s Neo-Con cabal must own up America’s onrushing oblivion

"President Obama is sailing against the tide by trying to reform the financial and fiscal system as well as resorting to populist measures....if the Tea Party and the Republicans take over from him, they are sure to hasten the doomsday that they are inadvertently or deliberately planning for their country. It will be a very bleak prospect for the rest of the world to see such a promising nation, so foolishly destroyed by a cabal of rogue elements that can perpetuate their stranglehold on power through media brainwashing of its own people."

Crude oil politics in occupied Iraq

"The “fruits” of the Iraq war at the expense of 1.3 million Iraqi lives and some $2 trillion in costs, are now being picked by Western, primarily US multinational companies, by gaining control of some of the largest oilfields in the world."

Bush’s Tortured Legacy

"The new Obama Administration has its hands full with the troubled world they inherited from their predecessors. With two unfinished wars, continuing conflict in the Middle East and a collapsing world economy, the President has maintained that he does not want his Administration to "look backward, but move forward." And so, to date, they have not been inclined to open their own investigation of Bush Administration practices. However, new revelations like the ones that came out last week, Cheney's continued defense of acts of torture, and now the initiative of the Spanish court, may yet force the Administration's hand."

What will Sarah Palin do about "Terrorists" as Vice-President?

"If Barack Obama is to be chastised for "palling around with terrorists", then what about George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, even John McCain? All of these people have palled around with Sharon and other former terrorists of the Zionist movement."



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