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West’s failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza...

The contrasting images coming out of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories on Monday could not have been starker – or more disturbing. Faced...

“Preemptive war could risk millions of casualties. But….”

According to the Washington Post, “Preemptive war could risk millions of casualties. But....” Is that a statement that should ever be followed by a “but”? I...

Need of Conflict Resolution

"The Kashmir Issue needs to be resolved once and for all to the satisfaction of all three parties - the Governments of India & Pakistan and the people of Kashmir. All sides involved in this most unfortunate and tragic dispute must come to terms with the reality that the time for peace is now. The reality is that flexibility must be exercised by all parties in order to act in good faith, and that the playing field must be leveled at the negotiating table. Because it is almost impossible to find a solution of the Kashmir dispute that respects all the sensitivities of Pakistan, values all the sentiments of India and keeps in tact the whole State of Jammu & Kashmir. Yet an imaginative solution demand flexibility from all parties concerned."

Obama’s Libya Defense Makes Bush’s Lawyers Look Smart

"Whatever the president's "foreign affairs powers" may be, they do not, under the U.S. Constitution, include the power to launch "military operations" or "hostilities" or "wars." Nor has the distinction between "military operations" that involve what ordinary humans call warfare (blowing up buildings with missiles) and "hostilities" that qualify for regulation under the War Powers Resolution been previously established. This distinction is as crazy as any that have come out of U.S. government lawyers in the past."

A twist in Syria’s sobriety

"Recent statements by the Turkish prime minister, and messages passed by Turkish officials and even Turkish media, have been crystal clear: reform, right now. After years of cultivating this relationship, unable to turn a blind eye to the current repression, it is clear that Turkey is potentially one of the most significant foreign factors to influence Syria, either playing a role in helping save the regime from its own excesses, or helping save the Syrian people from their predicament....It's difficult at this point to predict which way the wind will blow, but Syrians seem determined to have a lot more than merely the right to remain silent."