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The Vast Danger of Narrow Minds

"It is not about any religion and how much you choose to practice the rites and rituals of your faith – that should always be left up to the individual. It is a matter of imposing this faith or at least one group’s narrow interpretation of it that is so dangerous."

Israel and Harman in Tandem: From High Seas to Airwaves

"Subsidized with a few billion dollars from the U.S. Treasury each year, the Israeli government depends on support from high Washington places. And that support, in turn, gets reinforced by the kind of propaganda weaponry that Harman is now firing at Winograd. In the process, the salvos amount to preemptive strikes, aiming to dissuade others in politics who might be tempted to speak up for Palestinian rights."

Israelis and Palestinians unite to confront settler colonialists

"We should oppose any extremism whether it is in politics or religion. Evil begets evil in politics and religion and evil is defined as the premeditating harm, which is inflected upon others to dispossess, can only bring about the same to the aggressor."

Jerusalem should be at the center of peace efforts

"...whether it is borders, Jerusalem, the right of return, settlements or security arrangements, all parties to the conflict must know that there are no military or violent solutions. Non-violent solutions require empathy and sympathy as well as justice and fairness. If we have learned anything in this past bloody decade in Palestine and Israel, it is that violence only begets violence."

Now is the time for some national soul-searching about racism in...

"Now is the time for some national soul-searching. If that can happen over a beer in the White House, it will be a great step forward..."



"The Other Semites"

Humanitarian War vs. Humanity

War without End begins

Ship of Fools 2

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