Israelis and Palestinians unite to confront settler colonialists

The history of the European Jewish communities is well known to many Israelis and Palestinians.

It was full of oppression, racial prejudice and extreme injustice.

Many Israelis know how much the Palestinian people are now suffering under occupation.

Extreme suffering, injustice and painful hardships are parts of the daily life of most Palestinians under the Israeli military occupation. Palestinian homes are being destroyed and Palestinian families are being drive out by force to no- where to become refugees.

The majority of the Israeli people have been taken hostages by the Israeli settlers in the occupied territories. These settlers have hijacked secular Zionism and ignored high Jewish ethical values based on peaceful coexistence and exchanged it with egotistical superiority complex based on aggressive segregationist, and racial discrimination policy based on the usurpation of Palestinian lands and homes neo. Settlers force protected by the regular army.

Now the Israeli people who are within the 1948 boundary are prisoners as their Palestinian neighbors and both are now being held by the same jailers, the settlers on occupied Palestinian lands.

The Netanyahu / Lieberman government has taken Israel into a deadly path which is based on “The Judiasation of the West Bank and the uprooting by brute force the Palestinians from their homes and lands”.

The Palestinians have become detainees of this egocentric and pure evil policy which is based on a TAKFIRI Doctrine exactly as the Doctrine of Ben Laden who like wise, has Hijacked Islam. We have now three TAKFIRI Doctrines infecting with their evil virus many Jews, Christians and Muslims.

And Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all innocents from such evil Doctrine, which is full of toxic waste.

Homes are being stolen by the so –” called “chosen people” in the name of God and innocent people are being killed without mercy also in the name of God, the most merciful, Praise His Supreme Name for ever and ever.

The humane and democratic personalities among the Palestinians and Israelis can not stay passive while this evil madness is creating a vortex of deadly violence.

It is incumbent upon all democratic and peace loving thinkers to stand up and confront this evil which if it is left unchecked will lead both, the Israelis and the Palestinians to catastrophe beyond our worst imagination. The law of entropy increases the deterioration in time and time is the most precious element in our world.

The complex of supremacy of the Israeli settlers that falsely claims divine entitlement to Palestinian lands will bring about this catastrophe not only upon the Israeli but upon all Jewish communities around the world.

Therefore, we call upon all who yearn for peaceful coexistence between equals to stand up and make unified front in support of two states solution for both peoples, the Israelis and the Palestinians.

We, who have shed away intolerance, prejudice and violence should stand up to confront extremism coming from both sides, Arabs and the Israelis.

We should oppose any extremism whether it is in politics or religion. Evil begets evil in politics and religion and evil is defined as the premeditating harm, which is inflected upon others to dispossess, can only bring about the same to the aggressor.

I call upon President Shimon Peres who published my letter to him in 1988 in his book, to lead this front for peaceful coexistence between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

I call all Israelis to take a stand to protect Israeli from Jewish religious fanatics who are taking Israel into the path of destruction.

I call upon all Arabs and Muslims to take a stand against the evil TAKFIRI Doctrine of Ben Laden that is purely anti-Islamic before it is anti anything else.

Let us stand together for peaceful co existence in two states for both Palestinians and Israelis living side by side as equals in dignity and prosperity.

I am sure that a majority of Israelis who had been welcomed by Palestinians when they were forced to flee from Europe want peace same as the Palestinians.

So let’s confront together neo settlers who didn’t hear, nor read about the wars of the area.