Israel’s Hottest TV Show: Survivor “The Palestinian Outback”


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

Israeli’s are enjoying their daily “SURVIVOR” reality show that places Palestinians in separate Bantustan arenas surrounded by powerful IDF soldiers and rabid Jewish Settlers with the goal of seeing how many Palestinians will be killed and how many will survive. Each soldier and settler is given $200 for shooting a Palestinian under the age of 15 (so far 75) with a bonus of $100 if the shot pierces the heart, eye, or brain. They get $500 for a Palestinian adult, male or female and $5000 for a “liquidation” assassination of a Palestinian terrorist/activist as defined by the secret police. Many of the soldiers have been able to retire comfortably so far and the settlers have been rewarded by Sharon with $500 Million for settlement expansion, sorry I mean “natural growth”. For the past seven months this is all the “out”rage in Israel. Israel Television is thinking of syndicating the show to Lebanon and the Golan Heights. They don’t have to expand it to Jordan since King Abdullah is already implementing the show against his own people.

No nation so enjoys the humiliation of the United States as does our “closest ally and friend” Israel, the land of God’s “chosen people”, a people absolved from sin, guilt, responsibility, shame, a conscience, feelings, memory, and any moral fortitude, a land of obsessive “ME’s” above all humanity. Whether its America’s humiliation in the United Nations with all its irresponsible vetoes, whether its America’s eviction from the Human Rights Commission given its hypocritical condemnation of third world human rights abuses while protecting and supporting Israel’s human rights abuses, whether its Israel’s easy access to our billions of tax dollars, our latest military hardware and software, whether its the embarrassing sale of our latest technology and missiles to China as evidenced by the missile aboard the Chinese plane that attacked our spy plane, whether its Israel’s support of dictatorships around the world that harbor animosity to America, or whether its support of South Africa’s Apartheid, but most profoundly it humiliates our government and people when it deliberately attacks an American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, in 1967 killing 34 Americans and wounding 171 or when it jails without evidence or trial dozens of American citizens. Israelis inwardly rejoice when Americans are killed by terrorist attacks (never mind that the only reason Americans are killed in the Middle East is because of Israel’s belligerence against innocent Arab civilians with American weapons and vetoes) because that gives Israel a public relations bonanza for it and its American friendly media to point out the Arab/Islamic animosity to the shared friendship and western values between Israel and America and thus the strategic importance of Israel as the only “democratic” ally America has in the region, never mind that America’s national interest in the Middle East is oil and that it has extensive military bases and alliances with Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and the Gulf states. The only reason Americans died in Beirut in two bombings was because Israel pushed Reagan to send in the marines to provide protection for Israel while it decimated the Lebanese and Palestinian populations and give support to the establishment of a Christian government in Lebanon friendly to Israel. Someday Americans will awaken from their Holocaust and media induced slumber to realize just how damaging our blind and irresponsible support of Israel has been to our economy, military, industrial espionage, the corruption of our politicians especially Congress through votes and bribery, the biased control of our media, and most damaging is Israel’s desecration of our world standing, leadership, morality, sense of justice, religious values, and even our very own humanity. To the world Israel is not only our Achilles Heel but our corrupting cancer that is metastasizing to all our institutions and to every facet of our society.

We can no longer claim our world mantel for independence, freedom, liberty, justice and good American values. America fought its bloodiest war to abolish slavery only to be enslaved by the former Hebrew slaves of Egypt. Shame on all of us Americans for allowing a small opportunistic nation thousands of miles away to manipulate our government, our media, our movies, financial institutions, our world standing, and even our future. We shall forever be known as Israel’s big sidekick.

Through their long history of persecution in Europe Israel learned valuable lessons. The most valuable lessons came from the Crusades, Colonialism, Nazism, Racism, and Apartheid. From the Crusades Israel learned how to project and reinvigorate Islam as a “western” enemy thus creating the oxymoron partnership of the “Judeo-Christian” traditions, never mind that for two thousand years Christians have massacred Jews. Israel won through this marketing the hearts and minds of Christian Evangelists who nevertheless await the day Jews are either converted or killed prior to Christ’s Second Coming. From Europe’s colonialism it learned how to sell itself as a colony to the west in the Middle East using that colonial heartwarming motto “we will help and civilize the barbaric Arabs”. It even rehashed the colonial lie that Palestine is a “land without a people for a people without a land”, never mind that Jews have been absent as a people from Palestine for 2,600 years and that Palestinians have occupied the land for over 5,000 years since Canaan. From Nazism, Israel learned it can hate, take revenge, murder, expel an entire population of Palestinians, torture, even commit ethnic cleansing as long as it has the proper media propaganda, public relations, and marketing of lies. It learned it can blame Palestinian children for being in the wrong place and the wrong time while they were sleeping in their beds, it can blame their parents for deliberately throwing their children in the line of fire of a tank that coincidentally was shelling their neighborhoods, it can blame the Palestinians for forcing the civilized IDF soldier or messianic Dr. Baruch Goldstein to kill them in self defense (Goldstein, an American Jew from Brooklyn killed 29 men and boys in the Abrahamic mosque in Hebron while they were praying. At his eulogy Rabbi Ya’acov Perin said: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” (Cited in the New York Times, 02/28/1994). It learned to indoctrinate its children with hate for Arabs and Gentiles who are less worthy of life than Jews who are the world’s new Aryan race; most of all it learned that if you control the words and images the world sees through military censorship, intimidation, and bribery especially through the friendly American media you can get away with murder of even a four month old girl. Moshe Sharett, Israel’s first Foreign Minister and later a Prime Minister stated this principle when he said: “I have learned that the State of Israel cannot be ruled in our generation without deceit and adventurism (“The Birth of Israel” Simha Flapan 1987). The lies and media manipulation to hide and justify Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people has been a staple of Israeli politics since its founding. Even the much admired American Golda Meir did her part when she said: “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people�It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist.” (Golda Meir to the Sunday Times, June 15, 1969).

From the Afrikaners of South Africa Israel learned and adopted the system of Apartheid racism. Like the black majority of South Africa, Palestinians were enslaved as cheap labor for the arrogant Jews of Israel reduced to cleaning their bathrooms, collecting their garbage, and building their illegal homes on the very land the Palestinians own. Like the blacks, Palestinians were issued Israeli identity cards and different color license plates that determines their movement, work, education, residence, and whether and where they can receive medical treatment. Like the blacks, Palestinians were herded into concentration “refugee” camps known as Bantustans and surrounded by opulent Settlements perched on high hills.

Like the blacks they were treated like dirt, beaten, killed, raped or tortured at will with no judicial recourse and no human rights. Both the blacks and Palestinians became the enslaved alien refugees in their own land. Israel has learned its lessons well. As Prime Minister Sharon recently said at a meeting with the Yesha Council of Settlements in reference to Israel’s methods of dealing with what he calls Palestinian terror: “There are things we will tell the public about, there are things we will deny and there are things that will remain hidden forever. In wartime, you don’t have to expose everything to the world, to stand in public and reveal everything, in the name of that hypocritical and lie-filled concept known as honesty.”

Israel’s President Katsav confirmed Israel’s racist outlook toward the Palestinians that is very reminiscent of Europe’s and America’s historical racist and inferior outlook towards blacks and other non-whites when he recently said: “The gap is not only in capabilities, but also moral and cultural�it seems to me that a few hundred meters from here there are people who not only do not identify with our continent or even planet Earth, rather they seem to be from another galaxy? a completely different world�the gap between them and us is immense.” Palestinians are not only genetically inferior to Jews but are aliens in their own land. Such comments are not limited to political leaders. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, head of the powerful Shas party called the Palestinians “evil” and called for their annihilation from the face of earth. Speaking during a religious homily, Rabbi Yosef said that Israel should destroy the Palestinians mercilessly. “We must not have mercy on them, they should get missiles and more missiles, they should be annihilated, those cursed evil people�.God will take deadly revenge against the Arabs, will wipe out their seed, will annihilate them and defeat them and eliminate them for the face of earth.” A few months ago, Yosef described Arabs and gentiles in general as “snakes,” saying, “the Lord was regretting having created them.” Funny how our media wasn’t outraged at these Anti-Semitic remarks as they were about Assad of Syria.

A large proportion of Israeli citizens share these racist feelings. Recently a Jewish settler who deliberately killed a Palestinian by a car confessed his guilt in court saying: “I killed the Palestinian because he is animal and felt no guilt or compunctions for his death.” Israeli courts normally give light court sentences for crimes involving Jews killing Arabs but give extremely tough sentences if the victim is Jewish.

All of us are complicit in the prolonging of this tragic conflict through our silence and detached support of Israel. No other country will be allowed for seven months to besiege an entire population, strangle and suffocate it, and bomb it daily and get away with it. No daily massacre by any other nation would entail the silent acquiescence of our media and our government’s intimidation into a wishy washy daily benign briefings of broad generalities. But any Jewish claim to Nazi loot, any Jewish criticism is slammed as Anti-Semitic, any Jewish demand for Congressional money to replenish the American bullets lodged in Palestinian hearts and brains, any Jewish sensitivity or hurt feelings, anything Jewish is kosherly loved and supported by our pandering Congress more so than any issue concerning the American people; damn Americans or anyone else as long as “poor besieged democratic Israel living and surviving in a sea of Arab hatred’ is taken care of FIRST. Israel is the “victim” because it is the only country in the area with 200-300 nuclear bombs that they built by stealing our secrets, it is the only country in the area occupying Arab land and killing Palestinians, it is the only country by force that diverts Arab water for Settlers to water their lawns while Palestinians get a bucket of water a week, it is the only country that America, the European Union, and the United Nations must kowtow to. The only solution for all of us Americans is to convert to Judaism, then perhaps our President and Congress will give us some of the $150 Billion they gave Israel for our schools, water systems, environment, roads, and maybe prescription drugs for our elderly and health care for the millions of uninsured children. Don’t hold your breath. Our Congress will pander to Jews here and Israel to the last American body and dollar. LONG LIVE ISRAEL.

There are many courageous conscientious Jews in Israel and America who are morally upstanding and who do care for justice and are ashamed and disgusted by Israel’s policies, but like you and me they are relegated aside by our media and government as well as ostracized as “self hating” Jews by their brethren. They need to hear that we support them, we must criticize our media for their decades long support of Israel as well as let our government know of our feelings that we want a permanent and just peace in the Holy Land or we’ll throw them out. America shouldn’t tolerate these cowards. All of us feel we’re alone in our thoughts and opinions about Israel, we’re not, millions of Americans feel the same way but each one of us is waiting for the other to take the first step. Remember that we’re criticizing Israel’s inhumane policies as well as its influence on our country. We’re not criticizing Judaism at all, only Zionism, so don’t fall for the trap that we’re being Anti-Semites, after all Arabs are the true Semites and Semitism refers to languages not an ethnic race. Have courage and speak to your church, synagogue, and mosque and you’ll find companions and warriors for peace and justice. Join together and write and call your media and government. The only hope for Israel and Palestinians to stop shooting and negotiate a peace is with us. Tell Bush to get off his oil slick butt and bring the parties to Washington and don’t let them out until they accept UN Resolution 242, giving Palestinians 22% of their original land with Arab East Jerusalem as their capital. Americans have always fought and demanded freedom for themselves and others. Let’s not stop now because it’s Israel and Jews. Even Israel needs a kick in the pants for its own good.

God Will Bless America If It Stands up for Peace and Justice and breaks the Zionist Israeli Shackles around our necks, throats, vetoes, wallets, and government..

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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