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Sanctioning Syria: The Long Road to Damascus

"With Iraq proving to be less of a “cakewalk” than America’s pro-Israel warmongers had breezily predicted, Syria managed to survive two Bush terms. The failure of Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon to dislodge Hezbollah, however, added significantly to the impetus for regime change in Damascus. When Israel’s friends in Washington concluded that the Syrian corridor to Iran was “Hezbollah’s Achilles heel,” Bashar al-Assad’s days were increasingly numbered. The Arab uprisings of 2011 provided them with their long-sought opportunity for “rolling back Syria.”

The Coming Water Crisis

"If we want to avoid wars of the future, culminating from water, international laws must be formulated that pledge survival of the lower riparian, downstream countries through equitable share of the common water. Dams and barrages that can alter the vital ecosystem and take away the means of livelihood of the affected people should also be banned on common international rivers."

Jewish American Power: Feed an Israeli–Starve an American

No country in the world gets such aid or preferential treatment by Congress as Israel does even when it violates U.S. laws such as using American weapons to attack and kill Palestinian or Lebanese civilians or the use of banned weapons such as White Phosphorous bombs it dropped on Gaza schools in 2008-2009....Americans are too afraid to even debate or ask questions regarding Israel. That’s American “Exceptionalism”.

After NATO Summit, U.S. to intensify Military Drive into Asia

"100,000 American and another 50,000 NATO troops are fighting in the tenth year of their collective war in Afghanistan. The U.S. is escalating deadly drone missile strikes and NATO is increasing helicopter gunship raids in Pakistan....The Pentagon has indeed marked this as its Asia-Pacific century."

Turkey and Russia: Cleaning up the mess in the Middle East

"There has been no magic hand guiding Turkey and Russia as they form the axis of a new political formation. Rather it is the resilience of Islam in the face of Western onslaught, plus -- surprisingly -- a page from the history of Soviet secular national self-determination. Turkey, once the “sick man of Europe”, is now "the only healthy man of Europe", Turkish President Abdullah Gul was told at the UN Millennium Goals Summit last week, positioning it along with the Russian, and friends Iranian and Syrian to clean up the mess created by the British empire and its “democratic” offspring, the US and Israel."



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