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Michelle Alexander Has Opened a Door, We Must Work to Keep...

This past Sunday, the New York Times featured on the front page of its "Week in Review" section a major column by Michelle Alexander...

With Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Israel finds another natural partner on the far-right

The victory of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil’s presidential election last week has won Israel a passionate new friend on the international stage. The world's...

The Struggle for Palestinian Rights: Then and Now

Forty years ago this month I left a tenured teaching position and moved to Washington, DC to run the Palestine Human Rights Campaign (PHRC)....

The Post-Trump “Restoration”

(Boston, October 5, 2035) The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Alexandra Corker’s much-awaited "The Restoration Years: America in the Post-Trump Era" jumped to the top of the best-seller lists...

Western Civilization is Not Universal

"The idea of clash of Civilizations is rejected by Muslim Governments as well as majority of the academia in the Muslim World. Not because there is no clash of Civilizations, but because both the Muslim governments and the liberal Muslim academia have convinced themselves of the universality of Western Civilization. They have borrowed the experience of the Christian World about religion and have incorrectly applied it on Islam."