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Israeli Criticism of Zionism and of Israel’s Treatment of the Palestinians:...

"America, which provides a great deal of financial, military and political support for Israel, needs to be aware of this debate in Israel and in Jewish circles, and to understand the ramifications of uncritical support for the policies and actions of Israel toward the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors. To stifle and censor the discussion of these important issues does no favors for the United States or for Israel or the Jewish people."

An open letter to all who supports Shalit’s family

"Israel is not different from the apartheid regime that existed in South Africa. The Palestinians are the blacks of Palestine and the Israelis the Afrikaners of Palestine. The Jews suffered in Europe, but the Palestinians are suffering in this country that was stolen from them. You live on their lands and in their houses or on the ruins of their houses. As long as you will not see this you will be the prisoners of the Israeli state and the imperialist states that support Israel. They will use you as mercenaries fighting for profits and the political control of the region by the big corporations."

The Future of Palestine: Righteous Jews vs. the New Afrikaners

"...the Palestinians should definitely not employ violence to defeat apartheid. They should resist mightily for sure, but their strategy should privilege non-violent resistance...Violence is counter-productive because if it gets intense enough, the Israelis might think that they can expel large numbers of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza...there are great dangers ahead for the Palestinians, who will continue to suffer terribly at the hands of the Israelis for some years to come. But it does look like the Palestinians will eventually get their own state, mainly because Israel seems bent on self-destruction."

The savior in each of us

"Here we are 2000 years later still awaiting miracles from outside instead of believing that we can effect change as Jesus taught. The 1960s civil rights movement had a saying: ‘free your mind and your ass will follow’. Time will tell how many people (Westerners and Arabs, Christians, Muslims, or Jews) will run like scared lemmings over the cliff and into the abyss before enough people finally stand-up and free their minds."

Will South Africa revise its foreign policy in solidarity with Palestine...

"An immediate question for South Africa is whether it will be willing to re-assess and drastically re-align its solidarity as an active participant rather than the current inconsequential role as a neutral member of the international community watching the physical liquidation of the Palestinian cause from the sidelines?"



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